Question: Our company recently made some changes, and we no longer have more than 50 employees. How do we handle our prior FMLA obligations (50 or more employees)? Do we have to wait a certain time period before we no longer are required to provide FMLA leave?

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Educators want to know what your company does and the skills required for employment in HVAC to better prepare students to enter the workforce. Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition invites TACCA-GSA members to attend an employer information breakfast on Wednesday, April 13 to learn how you can support educators with making math and science relevant in the classroom by hosting an "externship" this summer. Externships connect teachers and counselors to the workforce by providing examples of the practical use of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) knowledge in local industry settings. LEARN MORE.

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The Texas Comptroller is warning of a scam involving individuals falsely claiming to represent the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, or in some cases the Texas Department of Transportation. The caller claims the taxpayer has a tax liability or other issue and requests credit card information. The Comptroller's office does not request payment details, such as credit card numbers or electronic check information, over the telephone. If you receive one of these calls, please do not provide your personal confidential credit card or bank information.

City of San Antonio Development Services Department is requesting TACCA members to be nominated as the primary and an alternate member for the HVAC Contractor positions to the Building Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board (BRFCAAB). Qualified nominees shall be licensed by the State of Texas as an air conditioning and refrigeration contractor that represent an open shop. The board typically only meets when there is an appeal to be heard but will also be very active in the review, adoption and amendment process of the 2018 Codes. Please contact TACCA- GSA for more information.

The Technician Certification bill has been filed as HB 3029.

The amended technician certificate will indicate that those students who complete the HVAC training program in high school, an apprenticeship, community college, technical institute, or military training, have identifiable, marketable skills and remains strictly voluntary.

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